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Hangover Cure

When first chair leads to last call.

You knew you should have gone home after apres beers, but one thing led to another. Pretty soon you found yourself at the Gold Pan Saloon, one of Colorado's oldest bars, knocking back shots of Jameson with Breckenridge locals. It's not everyday you get to experience a historic saloon built in 1879, so you come to terms with the fact that you MAY not be making first chair tomorrow.

Does this scenario sound all to familiar?

We've got the Breckenridge Hangover Cure you've been looking for.

Hangovers suck. Oxygen therapy plays an important role in any kind of recovery, and alcohol over indulgence is no exception.

So the next time your planning a night out with friends, and an early morning wake-up to follow skip the hangover hell and reserve your oxygen tank. We'll deliver your oxygen rental to your hotel or condo, set it up and you'll be good to go!

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