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Can Oxygen Improve Athletic Performance?

Can oxygen improve athletic performance at high altitudes? | Breckenridge oxygen rentals, oxygen breck, oxygen frisco, oxygen rentals summit county

Oxygen can be a performance enhancing supplement, especially when it comes to endurance and energy at altitude.

You've probably seen oxygen tanks on the sidelines of professional sporting events and wondered how oxygen therapy can help improve and increase athletic performance.

When the oxygen levels in your blood drop, so does your mental and physical performance. As we mentioned in a previous post, "What is Altitude Sickness", some of the symptoms of altitude sickness are headache, nausea, trouble sleeping and of course, inability to exercise. That's obviously a problem if your visiting Breckenridge or Summit County, Colorado and looking forward to skiing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and the many other outdoor activities the area has to offer.

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If you increase the supply of oxygen to the body, you will have more oxygen to create energy, thus improving your athletic abilities at altitude.

It's important to take the elevation in Summit County into consideration. We're not saying you will a super hero, or become a professional ski racer overnight, but you will probably be able to last longer on the hill. In theory, with oxygen therapy, you'll be able to get in more ski runs, and make the most of your time in the mountains.

Though some medical professional believe the effect is purely placebo, other high level athletes and high altitude locals swear by it. We'll let you decide!

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