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Spring Break with the Smith Family

Oxygen Therapy for Modern Families

Treating alttiude sickness with oxygen therapy in Breckenridge CO

Last week, we had the pleasure of hanging out with the Smith Family, while they soaked in the views on their spring break! The Smith family is from Connecticut, and at the request of their son, who has lived in Breckenridge since October 2016, they rented an oxygen concentrator for the majority of their stay.

Upon arrival, they showed mild symptoms of altitude sickness including a low grade headache, trouble sleeping, and general fatigue. Once we brought the oxygen concentrator in, 24 hours after their arrival, these symptoms were all eliminated.

The Smith family drank mimosas, played Jenga, read a book, and slept - all while hooked up to the oxygen concentrator via nasal cannula. A modern solution to altitude sickness for a modern family.

Are you planning a visit to Summit County in the near future and concerned with the effects of altitude? Give us a call for more information on how you can reserve your very own oxygen concentrator for your stay. (970) 409-2840

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