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4 Ways to Leaf Peep in Breckenridge

4 Ways to see the Leaves Change in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Leaf Peeping, Breckenridge Gondola Ride

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit Colorado. It is the convergence of warmer days and cooler nights, mountain tops changing from greens to golds, and a time when leaf peepers come from all over to soak up Colorado’s glorious fall views. Breckenridge is full of amazing mountain pull offs, resorts, trails and passes. So, while we wish we could share all the great spots to view the vibrant colors of fall, we’re going to name our favorites based upon how visitors may choose to experience the changing leaves.

Breckenridge Leaf Peeping

By Chair Lift

We’ll leave the tough decisions up to you; choose from three of Colorado’s acclaimed ski and snowboard resorts to view the leaves this fall when you come out West. Located within 30 minutes of downtown Breckenridge, Colorado leaf peepers can head north west to Copper Mountain Resort, north east to Keystone Resort or of course, stay in town for Breckenridge Ski Resort. All three resorts offer scenic lift rides with breathtaking 360 degree views of Colorado’s fall foliage.

By Bike

Stay right in town and take advantage of the well maintained (and relatively flat) bike path that runs from Breckenridge to Frisco. This 19 mile out and back ride offers a fun way to get a little exercise accompanied with stunning scenery. As cyclists roll past the trees and dropping leaves, they’ll experience Colorado’s changing fall scenery up close and personally.

Breckenridge Leaf Peeping Boreas Pass Road

By Car

Hoosier Pass is known for its scenic views of the Mosquito Range, Mt. Lincoln and alternative route offerings for travelers wishing to go between Denver and Breckenridge on a well-travelled, paved road. In the fall, the large parking lot atop Hoosier Pass is a great spot for those looking to capture the beauty of the fall foliage. A short drive south of Breckenridge, Hoosier Pass is about 11 miles away on CO-9N and rises close to an elevation of 11,542 feet.

Breckenridge Leaf Peeping Boreas Pass Road

By Foot

Unless you’re looking for quite the adventure, we do recommend first going by car and second by foot to see the highly sought after views of Baker’s Tank Loop in Boreas Pass. The approximately six-mile loop begins at the parking lot of Boreas Pass, starting hikers (or walkers, whatever you choose!) off at a whopping 10,385 feet of elevation. After the first three miles travelers will traverse up an additional 700 or so feet to 11,030 feet. This trek is well worth the exertion as Baker’s Tank Loop is known as one of the most popular spots in Colorado to see the golden hues of fall.

Now that you’re contemplating how best to view Colorado’s foliage we just have one final piece (okay, maybe two) of advice. Leaf peeping season can come and go in the blink of an eye so to ensure you see a Colorado fall in full bloom, come out West between mid to late September. And of course, thanks to the exasperation of traveling and physical activities (especially, if you have chosen to go by bike or by foot) an oxygen concentrator from The Oxygen Guys will help you breathe easily after a day of leaf peeping and get you ready for tomorrow’s high altitude adventures.

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