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Oxygen Therapy Made Simple

If you are unfamiliar with the symptoms of altitude sickness, experiencing them can be quite scary. Side effects range from headaches and fatigue to dizziness, shortness of breath and nausea - none of which are particularly enjoyable, especially when you are on vacation. For visitors and new movers coming to Colorado’s high altitude towns it is very common for people to experience this, but what most don’t know is that altitude sickness (AS) or acute mountain sickness (AMS), as it is sometimes referred to, is preventable. The most effective way to prevent AS is to undergo oxygen therapy.

Oxygen therapy is quite simple. This noninvasive therapy only requires those in need of it to inhale supplemental oxygen from an oxygen concentrator, such as the two seen in the image above, while enjoying mimosas! Usually, recipients will choose to use a nasal cannula rather than a mask as the nasal cannula wraps comfortably around the head and has two small valves that go up both nostrils and flows oxygen seamlessly into the nose and breathing cycle. The benefits of using the nasal cannula rather than a mask is that it allows recipients to go about their typical activities; with long cords, recipients can move about their houses while talking, eating or even, sleeping- basically doing whatever it is that they would normally do, just now with the help of extra oxygen.

A common question when the use of oxygen therapy comes up is, ‘how long should I wear it for?’ and the best answer is, it is up to the individual. Much of it depends on what the recipients have done or intend to do such as hiking, running or just visiting and exploring Colorado’s towns. Some will feel better within 20 minutes and some will benefit from using it while they sleep at night. That is the great thing about oxygen therapy, it is easy enough to administer and solely up to the discretion of the recipient as to where, when and for how long they wish to undergo it.

The knowledgeable staff at the Oxygen Guys are always happy to help visitors and newcomers. Give them a call today to ask about their line of oxygen concentrators, and if you’re in Summit County or Park County, they can deliver to you.

(970) 409-2840

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