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5 Winter Activities for Breckenridge Visitors with Altitude Sickness

5 Winter Activities for Breckenridge Visitors with Altitude Sickness

Winter Activities for Breckenridge Visitors with Altitude Sickness

Dog sledding

The happy faces of the working Siberian Huskies at Good Times Adventures will undoubtedly brighten your day. While this adventure isn’t a quiet one, exertion is not required on the part of the participants, although the excitement might get your heart rate up a bit! Even if you don’t feel up to a thrilling ride in the sled, seeing these working dogs in action is worth a visit to Good Times Adventures. These Huskies live for the moment when their handlers give them the command to pull. Their eager anticipation prior to sledding and their enthusiasm while “working” is infectious.

Activities for Breckenridge visitors with Altitude Sickness

Hot Cocoa Sleigh Ride

Stay at a lower altitude and choose the sleigh ride on the Breckenridge Golf Course with Breckenridge Stables. Guests are pulled in a horse-drawn sleigh through the snow with the beautiful mountain backdrop of the Ten Mile Range. Enjoy this leisurely winter activity in the crisp night air while snuggled under a warm blanket.

Speakeasy Theater

Feel like you’ve stepped back in time at Breckenridge’s nostalgic Speakeasy Theater and catch up on a hit movie you probably missed out on during the hustle and bustle of your busy daily life at home. This theater is small with a very intimate feel, a nice quiet getaway from the crowds on the slopes and in town.

Paint Your Own Souvenir

Leave Breckenridge with the very best souvenir- one you and your family created yourselves while making memories at the same time. Ready, Paint, Fire is a small and quiet un-painted pottery shop on Main Street in Breckenridge. Canvas painting and mosaic art creations are also available in a fun guided workshop setting.

Breckenridge Old Time Photos

Celebrate the wild west history of Breckenridge while having fun and laughter playing dress-up as a saloon girl or gambler, or maybe take it easy with the bathtub setup (great fun for couples). Guests leave with a framed photo of their choice, another great and lasting souvenir option.

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