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Breckenridge Oxygen Bars & Oxygen Rental

If you’ve walked down Main Street Breckenridge, visited a spa in town, read any Summit County print ads, or stayed at one of the resort lodges, you’ve likely come across an “oxygen bar.” Rather than settling in for a cocktail or beer as you would at a typical bar, visitors to oxygen bars settle in with nasal cannulas (lightweight tubing which splits into two prongs that are placed in the nostrils from which a mixture of air and oxygen flows). Oxygen bars attract guests by claiming to ease symptoms of altitude sickness.

But Do They Work?

Doctors warn the benefits of oxygen bars are short lived. Short as in the benefits only last during the time it is actually being used. Sessions typically range from 15-30 minutes at a cost of $15-$25. You might feel a little bit less out of breath and the altitude symptoms may subside during use, but these small doses will not help in the long run.

So, if you’re desperate for more relief, you could just hang out in the oxygen bar all day at $50 per hour. However, keep in mind that another oxygen bar drawback is that supplemental oxygen at high altitude is needed the most while sleeping. Likely, even if the oxygen bar was open overnight, you’d rather snooze all night long in the comfort of your vacation rental or hotel room.

What’s a Better Alternative?

Used overnight, home oxygen concentrators (portable devices that release oxygen-enriched air via nasal cannula) help users sleep easier along with preventing and alleviating symptoms of altitude sickness. For the same price as 3 hours of sitting in an oxygen bar, a portable home concentrator can be rented for 24 hours, can be transported and utilized anywhere, and can be used all night while sleeping- when it’s needed the most!

The Oxygen Guys not only provide home oxygen concentrators for altitude sickness relief, but will deliver anywhere in Summit County and show you how to use it properly at the correct settings. Wake up feeling better and ready to take on your Summit County adventures.

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