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Easiest Biking in Summit County on the E-Bike

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Biking is a popular Summit County Activity

Once the roads and paths are clear of snow and ice, biking is one of the most popular activities here in the high country. Driving the roads of Summit County in the warmer months, it’s impossible not to see road bikers on the highways, mountain bikers on the trails, and pleasure bikers on the rec path. To visiting onlookers, it appears to be a fun and easy way to spend a vacation day! However, if your body has not adjusted to the altitude or if you haven’t been on a bike in years, that bike ride can quickly turn into pedaling drudgery.

Here at The Oxygen Guys, we’re all about helping you make the most of your high altitude vacation with our high quality oxygen concentrators and by recommending activities for acclimation days that won’t make you feel like you’re busting a lung. E-bikes are newly legal on the bike paths in Summit County and we recommend trying one out!

What is an E-bike?

Summit County’s bike rental shops will have several varieties of bicycles to choose from, and one you may not know about: The electric bike, commonly referred to as the E-bike. We all have our own unique reactions and opinions about new technology. Some of us want to be the very first to try it out, and then there are those of us who have to be convinced and maybe even pushed into new technology. If you fall in the latter category, you’ve likely ignored the buzz about E-bikes or haven’t even heard of the E-bike buzz at all!

So what exactly is an E-bike? It is basically a conventional bike with a battery and motor that gives the rider assistance in the work of pedaling when needed, like when climbing uphill. In the Rocky Mountains, we have a lot of inclines! The amount of assistance the E-bike provides can be chosen by the rider by the simple press of a button on one handle, while shifting gears the same a regular bike on the opposite handle. The rider can make the bike help as much or as little as they choose. When the motor is activated to assist, it kicks in just the right amount of extra power that feels like a gentle push from behind. There is no jarring or jerking when the power is increased or decreased.

Why Ride an E-Bike?

Many visitors fall victim to the effortless-appearing deception of the bike path. For example, going north on Highway 9 from Breck to Frisco, the path appears flat and riders think “This is so easy!” Turn around to go back to Breck, and while the path still has a flat appearance, it’s actually a steady incline that can leave a rider struggling to breathe and wondering why on earth they thought bike riding was a good idea. Despite its flat appearance, the bike path is almost always in an upward or downward direction. What looked like fun can quickly turn into never-ending pedaling misery.

E-bikes make getting around our mountainous region much easier and a lot more fun. They open up the bike path to those who may have too much difficulty with a conventional bike.

Where to get an E-bike?

Carver’s on Main Street in Breckenridge has a great selection of E-bikes and a friendly staff to fit you on the right size bike. They will provide a quick tutorial on use and give suggestions on where to go. Their shop is just yards away from the rec path near the Gondola on Park Avenue in Breckenridge.

Don’t forget about oxygen!

If the effects of high altitude strike you or someone in your group or family, don’t waste your time or money on gimmicks. Call The Oxygen Guys to deliver an oxygen concentrator to your place of lodging. Sleeping with oxygen at night is the very best way to cure altitude sickness fast and easy in the comfort of your own bed and feel your very best for your Summit County adventures.

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